Win a free product

Our products is interesting, powerful and cheap enough for everyone. And also, you could win a free product (Single license) through 3 ways below:

  • Language:

    As you see, our web site and product support English language by now. We hope you can help us translate the web contents or product into other languages such as French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, etc. If you can translate part or the whole of contents of our web site with one language referred above, or translate our product with these language, please email us first, then we will tell you how we cooperate with you. Try now!

  • Article:

    If you like our products and write articles introducing our products to other peoples, please email us the evidence (commonly the URL address) of it. If the article is issued by paper media (newspaper, magazine, etc.), it should be scanned to a JPG file. Note, your article could be in your mother tongue, and issued by any media of your motherland. Try now!

  • Options:

    Submit your opinion about our products (sensing of using, advice to functions, etc.). We'll donate free products to some users selected from them. Try now!