UninsHs (Uninstall for Inno Setup)

Version: (For Inno Setup 6.x, 5.x)

Download Size: 14 KB

Brief Description:

This extension program for Inno Setup allows you to easily add "Repair/Modify/Remove" options to your installed applications. It is very small. Please read the readme file included in the package for further instructions on how to use UninsHs with your own application setups.

Read the user manual.

Download the example installation script.


You are required to add a link to our website in your product page if you use the UninsHs in any of your application. Or purchase a commercial license if you cannot add the link.


  • Very small.
  • Easy to use.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • You can add own language.
  • The option icons can be customized.
  • The command line parameters are supported.
  • Ability to start from control panel.
  • Both Unicode and ANSI Inno Setup are supported.

See what everyone is saying about the product:

  • It's a very good externsion for the InnoSetup.
  • I am trying your excellent UninsHs for InnoSetup, and based from my test I can say it works great.
  • Great, thanks!! I'll download the new version now. keep up the great work! I really like UninsHs and will definately consider using it for my projects that require Change/Repair/Remove functionality...