DwinsHs_MirrorsList variable

The global variable saves all of mirror sources for each download item. You can use the DwinsHs_AppendMirrorFile procedure to add a mirror source for a remote download item.


  TReadMethod = (rmGet, rmPost, rmActive, rmPassive);
  TMirrorItem = record
    Filename: string;
    URL: AnsiString;
    Agent: AnsiString;
    Method: TReadMethod;
    Required: Boolean;
  DwinsHs_MirrorsList: array of TMirrorItem;

You can change value of the global variable before starting to download using the DwinsHs_ReadRemoteURL function, or the DwinsHs_CurPageChanged procedure (the Setup wizard moves to the pre-defined downloading wizard page).

"TMirrorItem" fields:

The global variable DwinsHs_MirrorsList is a dynamic array, every array element is a TMirrorItem record, it contains the following fields:


The variable is avaliable only when the DwinsHs_Use_Predefined_Downloading_WizardPage marco is defined.