DwinsHs_AppendMirrorFile procedure

Adds a mirror source to the DwinsHs_MirrorsList mirror sources list for a remote file. If a remote file need to be downloaded and the server which specified in the DwinsHs_AppendRemoteFile procedure or DwinsHs_Check function doesn't work, the mirror source will be used to download it.

You can add mirror source for all of remote files which added using DwinsHs_AppendRemoteFile procedure or DwinsHs_Check function. Also, you can add multiple mirror sources for a remote file.


  TReadMethod = (rmGet, rmPost, rmActive, rmPassive);
procedure DwinsHs_AppendMirrorFile(Filename: string; URL, Agent: AnsiString;
  Method: TReadMethod);



The procedure is avaliable only when the DwinsHs_Use_Predefined_Downloading_WizardPage marco is defined.