DwinsHs_Disable_Custom_Messages macro

In the dwinshs.iss script, the default custom messages are defined for the pre-defined downloading wizard page (it's written in English, so the English messages isn't required in your script). In the multilingual installation package, for every language, if you don't define the custom messages for the pre-defined downloading wizard page, the default custom messages will be used.

If the English custom messages are not required, or you want to define your own default custom messages for pre-defined downloading page, you can define the DwinsHs_Disable_Custom_Messages macro before including the dwinshs.iss file to disabled the default custom messages in the dwinshs.iss script. Optional, you can define your own default custom messages in your script.

If you don't disable the default custom messages, please define your custom messages after the "[Code]" section which the dwinshs.iss file is included in it.

Note, the macro will be ignored if the macro DwinsHs_Use_Predefined_Downloading_WizardPage isn't defined (don't use the pre-defined downloading wizard page).


#define DwinsHs_Use_Predefined_Downloading_WizardPage
#define DwinsHs_Disable_Custom_Messages
#include "dwinshs.iss"
; Optional, define your own default custom messages for pre-defined downloading wizard page
DwinsHs_PageCaption =Downloading additional files
DwinsHs_PageDescription =Please wait while setup downloads additional files...
DwinsHs_TotalProgress =Total progress:
DwinsHs_CurrentFile =Current file:
DwinsHs_File =File:
DwinsHs_Speed =Speed:
DwinsHs_Status =Status:
DwinsHs_ElapsedTime =Elapsed time:
DwinsHs_RemainingTime =Remaining time:
DwinsHs_Status_ButtonRetry =&Retry
DwinsHs_Status_ButtonNext =&Next >
DwinsHs_SizeInBytes =%d Bytes
DwinsHs_SizeInKB =%.2f KB
DwinsHs_SizeInMB =%.2f MB
DwinsHs_ProgressValue = %s of %s (%d%%%)
DwinsHs_SpeedInBytes =%d Byte/s
DwinsHs_SpeedInKB =%.2f KB/s
DwinsHs_SpeedInMB =%.2f MB/s
DwinsHs_TimeInHour = %d hour(s), %d minute(s), %d second(s)
DwinsHs_TimeInMinute = %d minute(s), %d second(s)
DwinsHs_TimeInSecond = %d second(s)
DwinsHs_Status_GetFileInformation =Fetch file size
DwinsHs_Status_StartingDownload =Starting download
DwinsHs_Status_Downloading =Downloading
DwinsHs_Status_DownlaodComplete =Download complete
DwinsHs_Error_Network =No active Internet connection
DwinsHs_Error_Offline =The computer is in offline mode
DwinsHs_Error_Initialize =Failed to initialize the setup
DwinsHs_Error_OpenSession =Failed to open the FTP or HTTP session
DwinsHs_Error_CreateRequest =Failed to create an HTTP request handle
DwinsHs_Error_SendRequest =Failed to send request to the HTTP server
DwinsHs_Error_DeleteFile =The old file cannot be deleted
DwinsHs_Error_SaveFile =Failed to save data
DwinsHs_Error_Canceled =Download canceled
DwinsHs_Error_ReadData =Failed to read data
DwinsHs_Status_HTTPError =HTTP error %d: %s
DwinsHs_Status_HTTP400 =Bad request
DwinsHs_Status_HTTP401 =Unauthorized
DwinsHs_Status_HTTP404 =Not found
DwinsHs_Status_HTTP407 =Proxy authentication required
DwinsHs_Status_HTTP500 =Internal error
DwinsHs_Status_HTTP502 =Bad gateway
DwinsHs_Status_HTTP503 =Service unavailable
DwinsHs_Status_HTTPxxx =Other error
; French custom messages for pre-defined downloading wizard page
fr.DwinsHs_PageCaption =Le téléchargement de fichiers supplémentaires
fr.DwinsHs_PageDescription =Se il vous plaît patienter pendant configuration \
télécharge des fichiers supplémentaires...

fr.DwinsHs_TotalProgress =Cours Total: