Property: Data

Specifies a block of binary (bytes) data to encode it into the barcode symbol.


property Data: TBytes;


You can use the property to specify a block of binary (bytes) data, and encode it into a barcode symbol. It's is of type TBytes (array of bytes). The OnChange event will occur when the property value is changed. The OnInvalidDataChar event will occur if there is any invalid byte value in the Data property value, and the OnInvalidDataLength event will occur if the length of the Data property value is invalid.

The Barcode property of TBarcodeFmx2D component is of type string, it is in fact a UnicodeString. By default, the unicode string will be converted to an UTF-8 bytes sequence (the BOM isn't included), then be encoded into the barcode symbol. If you want to use other encoding scheme (for example the ANSI, UTF-16), please specify the converted bytes sequence in the Data property, or convert it in the OnEncode event handle.

For the TBarcodeFmx2D_RSS14 and the TBarcodeFmx2D_RSSLimited components, if the property AutoCheckDigit is set to true, the check digit doesn't need to be included in the property value, otherwise the check digit can be specified by you in it.