PLANETThe component is used to create the Postal Alpha Numeric Encoding Technique (PLANET) barcode symbol. It's defined in the pPLANET unit.

The Postal Alpha Numeric Encoding Technique (PLANET) barcode symbology is used by the United States Postal Service to identify and track pieces of mail during delivery - the Post Office's "CONFIRM" services. The PLANET barcode is either 12 or 14 digits long. The first two digits of the barcode identify the particular Confirm service you are using, including the Destination Confirm and the Origin Confirm. For the Origin Confirm barcode, the next is the Customer ID, it is a 9- or 11-digit ID defined by the mailer and is used to identify the mailpiece. For the Destination Confirm barcode, the next is a Subscriber ID and a Mailing ID. The Subscriber ID is an unique 5-digit ID assigned by the Postal Service to identify mailers using Confirm service. The Mailing ID is a 4- or 6-digit field defined by the mailer to identify the actual mailing. The last one digit is the checksum digit.

Technical Details:

(*): The Data property, OnInvalidDataLength and OnInvalidDataChar events are available only for the Delphi/C++ Builder 2009 or later.