Code 39The component is used to create the Code 39 (LOGMARS) or the ESN barcode symbol. It's defined in the pCode39 unit.

The Code 39 barcode symbology is also known as ANSI/AIM Code 39, Uniform Symbology Specification Code 39, USS Code 39, USS 39, Code 3/9, Code 3 of 9, USD-3, LOGMARS, Alpha39, etc.

Code 39 barcode symbology, the first alpha-numeric symbology to be developed, is still widely used-especially in non-retail environments. It is suitable for encoding general purpose alphanumeric data. Code 39 is a discrete, variable-length symbology. It is self-checking in that a single print defect cannot transpose one character into another valid character. It is the standard barcode used by the United States Department of Defense, and is also used by the Health Industry Bar Code Council (HIBCC).

Also, you can use the component to create the Numly Number barcode symbol. A Numly Number is an ESN or Electronic Serial Number for all things digital. It is a unique identifier that allows an author or publisher to assign to content and track licensing of each id assignment. Numly Numbers are useful if you wish to identify each electronic distributed copy of any form of electronic media. Media types could include: Blogs, Emails, MP3s, Videos, PDFs, eBooks, Software, Websites, etc. Numly Numbers can also act a third-party content submission time stamps to aid in copyright proving instances and emails. The Numly Number consists of a 19 digit number generated by an algorithm maintained by Numly.com.

Technical Details:

(*): The Data property, OnInvalidDataLength and OnInvalidDataChar events are available only for the Delphi/C++ Builder 2009 or later.